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Vintage Celestial Weddings

There is noting more glamorous or heavenly than a celestial wedding theme. It's an omnipresent theme for any decade. Think of the early 1900's when Harry Houdini and mystics were big. Think of the flapper in the 1920's with glitter star headbands. The star shape itself is so geometric it can easily become Art Deco. And think about the 1950s and Elizabeth Taylor in her "new look" gown- it just screams for stars and romance under a glittery moon.

Perhaps it's the adventure and unknown that draws us to celestial themes...or the love of nature and the elements? Maybe that the star is such a nice balanced shape and moons convey romance. And just maybe, the biggest reason is that we all love glitter. The more the better! Whatever the case, celestial-themed weddings will surely have you and your guests starry-eyed! A few ideas to help with your theme:

-- twinkle lights

-- glitter, the more the better!

-- vintage rhinestone bouquet

-- fortune teller, mystics 

-- lake wedding with canoe bar and bistro lights

-- zodiac and astrology imagery

-- indigo and gold

-- navy and copper

-- paper moon photo backdrop from Paper Moon Shoppe

Celestial Themed Great Gatsby Wedding Invitations from Gilded Swan Paperie

Paper Moon:@papermoonshoppe // Dress: @carolinaherrera // Signs & Calligraphy ~ Typecast Lettering and photo by Peterson Photography // Celestial Wedding Invitations by Gilded Swan Paperie // Invitation photo by David Perlman


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