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What to know!

I will always keep your art files and be able to reprint in case of rescheduling.  Due to the major influx of weddings right now, it's best to order early. Because of the work involved and the custom nature of printing, I do not accept any refunds. I always suggest ordering samples - it's the only way to know what you are ultimately purchasing. 



What is your turnaround time?

Printing takes 3-5 weeks + 2-4 business days for shipping. I am not taking on any international orders at the moment. Order your invitations so they ship before December 1 or after January 1. Holiday time is the busiest time of the year for Printers, USPS, and all shippers so avoid these dates if possible! Postal mistakes, package theft, and delayed shipping are typical at this time. Build in buffer time when ordering. You might make a mistake or I may not be happy with the first printing and want to reprint so they are perfect for you. Please build a few weeks extra for me to print. 

When should I order my invitations?

Your wedding invitations should be received by your guests 2-3 months before your wedding, earlier for destination weddings.  I email you proofs within 24 hours of your deposit purchase and receiving your wording, printing your custom invitations can take 3-5 weeks. Always build in buffer time. What if your venue changes your start time? What if you did not order enough? Anything can happen so prepare for this. Avoid ordering and shipping over the December holidays. 

Do you offer samples?

Yes-- you are welcome to purchase a sample packet from my shop. I always send your favorite two designs and all of my paper options. Samples are pre-printed from previous weddings. Please let me know if you are looking for specific colors so that I can include them. Order samples here.

Can I order items other than invitations?

Yes, I can design matching guest books, photo albums, menus, programs, hand fans, escort cards, thank you cards, gift tags, and wedding signage .

Can I order envelopes as well?

Yes. my standard "in stock" envelopes include shimmery ivory, silver, soft metallic gold, navy, etc. I can special order envelopes in any color, but there may be a surcharge as I do not buy special colors in bulk. 

Do you offer envelope printing?

Yes, I do. I can print your return address on the back flap of the invitation and save the date envelopes and on the front of the reply envelopes. I can also do individual guest addressing. I will email you an excel spreadsheet for you to input your guest names and addresses. Download my excel spreadsheet to use if you are ordering printed guest addresses.

Can I order pocket folders?

I can produce pocket folders in any color under the rainbow in matte or shimmer stock. They are stunning!

Can I order more invitations later?

Yes-- but please know there are set-up charges involved and it will be much more expensive than ordering extras upfront. Please take into account for last-minute guests, incorrect addresses, keepsakes for families, and a sample set for your photographer to shoot on your wedding day. You should order 10-15 extras.

Can I order more than one version of an item?

Yes-- if you need multiple versions of invitations (day vs night) or reply cards (A list vs B list), just let me know. The second version is always discounted.

Can I put a QR code on my invitation?

Yes-- but seriously, they are insanely hideous and ruin the look of your precious invitations. You will not get as many responses as you would a traditional reply card. That's ok if you like making all those follow-up calls!


Can you print gold, rose gold or silver foil?

Yes for sure!  Your invitations arrive flat-printed without any metallic foil unless you ask for this and purchase the additional costs of the foil. All of my papers except the shimmery pearlescent are suitable to add metallic foils.


There is a large price difference between my metallic foils. The gold, rose gold or silver foil that prints on the standard matte paper or museum board is very detailed and crisp-- it can handle tiny little details.  The gold foil that prints on the smooth postcard paper is economical and better for larger details. It is a bit rustic and appears raised onto the card stock. Foil is not available on the shimmery pearlescent paper.  I encourage you to look through the photos and videos to see the difference.

Square or round corners on my invitations?

All designs printed on the Museum Board come with square corner trimming only. The paper is just too thick for rounding. Square or rounded corners can be trimmed on all other paper stocks.

What type of printing do you do?

Invitations print on a gigantic off-set Heidelberg printing press. Our printing presses use vegetable oil-based inks and recycled papers from certified sustainable production systems so you can feel better about reducing your carbon footprint. Envelopes, table cards, and escort cards are digitally printed as each piece requires individual data.  My guests are made by hand and are casebound with a velvety cover.

Please note, colors vary from paper to paper. My paper stocks all have different fibers and the same invitations can look different on each paper stock. The postcard paper tends to print brighter, the matte, softer. Moreover, the samples you have received may have been printed at different times under different conditions. Some may be brighter because that client asked for them to be brighter or perhaps they were printed on a different paper. I do not print with Pantone inks which are perfectly matched to specific shades. I print with a mix of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Therefore, colors can vary from invitation to invitation. 



Unlike many of the giant online retailers, you are guaranteed a personalized service with one person dedicated to your order. And because of my undying love for the art of the letter and all things printed, I pour my heart into every design. It is my sincerest goal to deliver a truly unique piece of stationery that clients can send to their family and friends. Shop and support small business!


What can I modify from the designs I see on your website?

* Colors (complicated coloring may incur surcharges)

* Wording

In some cases, modifying the colors of an illustration by an extreme amount may not be suitable for the artwork itself, so please inquire beforehand. An additional design fee on top of the invitation design may be incurred due to the complicated nature of your color revisions. Many of the illustrations are hand-painted and very detailed and changing colors cannot be done by just clicking a few buttons. Your proofs will be emailed within 24 hours of submitting your wording and color requests.  Those proofs include one set in your color palette. My designs are very templated so I can keep my pricing affordable. But they look extremely custom!

Can you match my wedding colors?

I am a color addict and love coordinating my designs for your wedding palette.  Submitting a digital swatch or mood board with your order helps me greatly. However, please confirm before you place your order to make sure your color vision will work with whichever design you choose. As stated above, extensive color revisions may incur added design fees.

Can I get a fully custom, from-scratch invitation design?

So sorry, I do not take on custom design work. What you see in my shop is what I have to offer you. 

How does proofing work?

Once you pay your $100 deposit or purchase your save the dates and submit your wording, you will receive your pdf proofs via email within 24 hours. Your purchase comes with one set of proofs in your color palette and includes three rounds of revisions total. After that, each round of revisions will be billed at $25 each. Excessive revisions may incur an additional fee. Excessive revisions are major design changes like changing flowers, moving borders and adding design elements that are not included in the design you see online. Sending me 8-page pdf's with changes is excessive:]


Can you print information on the back of my invitation?

No. It is not customary for any information to be printed on the back, ever. While I am one of the only stationers to utilize the backside for color and small design elements like little stars or hearts, I do not print any pertinent information on the back. Your guests will not turn over your invitation to see RSVP or website details. Moreover, putting this information on the back does give one the impression of extreme thriftiness on the part of the sender. 


Can I change fonts?

If there is something you do not like about a font, please let me know. Because all of my designs are aesthetically attached to certain time periods, I spend hours researching appropriate fonts and fitting type to each design. Changing fonts is not always recommended and may incur an additional design fee.  I do not download free fonts from the internet. Many of those fonts are only suitable for online use and were not developed to print properly.  

Help, I found an error on my printed invitations.

Your invitations will print exactly as you have approved on your proofs.

If you find an error or if details have changed on your day, then we can reprint it at a reduced fee.

Can I cancel or amend my proofs after I approve them?

Once you have officially approved your order, it goes into production. Depending on the stage, it may or may not be amended or canceled. 

If your custom proofs have been delivered and you decide to change the design to something different before printing, then a change fee will be charged. Fee is based on how much work I have put into your designs. It can range from  $25 - $150.

If a Bridezilla enters our working relationship, I reserve the right to cancel your order. Remember, I am a real person behind the screen:] It's best for us in the long run. Stay friends, stay happy! Kill fees may apply.

Do you sell or provide digital versions of your designs?

I only offer printed stationery.  To find out more about the pitfalls of digital invitation and print-your-own stationery, please click here.


Where and how do you ship?

Currently, I am only shipping within the United States.  You are 100% responsible for tracking your own invitations once I send you the tracking number. I have never lost a package with USPS. Some shipments are sent to Parcel lockers or held at the post office if the carrier does not feel it is safe to leave the shipment on your doorstep. If your package does not arrive by the estimated arrival date, I can help track the package. If you wait weeks to tell me, I cannot. You are 100% responsible for tracking your own packages. If you would like "signature required", you must specifically ask and purchase this option. I am not responsible for packages stolen from front porches or given to next-door neighbors. Track your package!

Will my invitations come assembled?

All invitations and envelopes are packed and shipped flat. They will be wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap to avoid moisture. The fun part for you is assembling them! 

While at the Post Office

Ask your Post Office to "Hand Cancel" your invitations and Save the Date postcards. All mail is sent and stamped by machine so that nobody can re-use the postage. This process can create smudges & bends on your stationery. Hand Canceling ensures each piece is stamped by hand, which helps limit bending, ripping or smudging that might occur with machines.


Do you accept returns and/or cancellations?

Due to the custom nature of designing and printing invitations, I do not accept returns. Order samples! I will happily reprint at discounted rates if you discover grammatical errors or detail changes etc. If you decide to cancel your order after I have sent you proofs, a kill fee will be charged since I spent time building your files and fitting your type and colors.  The fee ranges from $25 - $150 depending on the amount of work I have done. 

Perfectly imperfect?

Because most of my invitations are based on imagery from the 1880s - 1930s, they are uniquely vintage. I use original illustrations that are 100-150 years old and they have imperfections, textures, and a weathered look. Nothing is ever true, bright white - always ivory to keep that vintage feel. Moreover, my guest books are handmade and the binding may have a slight crease on the ends. If you are looking for perfection, I might not be your gal. I love vintage and all that comes with it!

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