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Beautiful Adornments... Luxury Folders

You are knee-deep in clicking, pinning and saving and what you find is that you have a bevy of beautiful wedding invitations that all start blending together. Pocket folders are a unique way to stand out from the crowd! Not only do they enclose all of your pieces in one neat little package, they are a sure-fire way to set a luxurious tone to your wedding. Most couples have several cards included with their invitations; reply cards, reply envelopes, details cards, maps, rehearsal invitations, brunch invitations, etc. The pocket folder is a great way to hold all of these items together. Even if you just have the standard invitation and reply card, it makes the set look so striking! They add magnitude and luxury to your suite and cost far less than say, letterpress invitations or gold foil embossed suites.

Pocket folders come scored for ease of folding and a vertical or horizontal pocket of your choice. When you receive your folders, you just need double-stick tape or Glue Dotz from the craft store to adhere your invitation to the back panel. All of your other items just sit in the pocket.

Getting creative with securing the folders is the fun part! I routinely scour Etsy, eBay and flea markets for vintage ribbon, brass stampings, and antique jewelry to adorn the folders. And they do not have to match! You can get as unique with each guest as you like. If you do not have the time or inclination to search out for these items, I can always design a round or square hangtag that you tie with a ribbon as well. You might not be able to design or print your own wedding invitations, but you can surely tap into your creative side and have fun customizing them!


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