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Vintage Botanical Wedding Invitations

Vintage botanical wedding invitations are sure to add a colorful, organic and timeless feel to your special day with lush greenery and abundant blooms! Nature-based weddings are always captivating for the inderent beauty they convey. Various themes exist within the botanical category and can be a lovely theme to execute: mountain, lake, garden, forest, tropical, cultural and vintage to name a few.

Because of the natural abundance of all things botanical in nature, the botanical theme can permeate all aspects of your wedding from your Save the Date to the reception decor, tabletops, bouquets, flower crown, dresses, boutonnieres, signage, drinks and food. It can sometimes be much less expensive given the profusion of natural flora that surrounds us. Getting married in a garden, beach or arboretum can sometimes cost much less than a hall, mansion or hotel. And of course we can go crazy with the colorful paper goods in any theme!

Adding a vintage twist on any botanical theme is always a favorite of mine. My husband and I had a vintage tropical theme at our wedding at the beach in Malibu complete with orchids, banana leaf plate chargers and lots of tropical fruit and cocktails. My husband painted vintage hula dancers and I created the invitation by varnishing the illustration onto cut 5x7 pieces of wood. A faded memory of a limbo contest keeps momentarily surfacing, but I can't confirm.

One of my latest invitation suites is based on the horticultural illustrations of seed packing of the turn of the century. Years ago, gardeners would mail-order all of their seeds for the upcoming year based on these beautiful illustrations. Over time, the packages turned from lovely hand-painted artwork to realistic photographs. Botanical illustrations from scientific journals is another one of my favorite vintage botanical themes. The colors are vibrant, swirling, organic and dramatic! Many of my wedding invitation designs are inspired by vintage illustrations like these. I then use that theme to permeate the "day of" wedding stationery paper goods such as menus, signage, programs, guest books, and thank you notes.

There is not a person alive that does not experience joy looking at nature. No matter where you are getting married-- in the north, south, east or west or what season, there will be a natural organic theme just waiting for you.

vintage botanical wedding invitations greenery butterfly
Colorful Vintage Botanical Designs

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