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Modern meets Modern in Austin, Texas

Modern meets modern! Really, it just does. Erin and Aaron's wedding at the LINE in Austin combined 1920's modernism with the modern design of 1960's. Sounds tough to pull off? Not really! What these two movements have in common are clean lines, basic shapes and that lovely and sublime simplicity. The LINE was once home to a jazz club that broadcast music nightly and sits in historic downtown Austin.

The dramatic and moody photos were shot by the ever-so-talented Photographer, Nikk Nguyen. Nikk was able to capture the austere urban setting next to the stunning views of Lady Bird Lake. The wedding palette was neutral in tone with lots of ivory, soft peach and a little obsidian. Erin and Aaron chose the My Man Godfrey suite from my shop which features 1920s Art Deco inspired typefaces and a vintage illustration of a couple embracing and celebrating with champagne.

Check out the full gallery below and Nikk's Instagram at: @nikknguyenphoto. Congratulations to Erin and Aaron on their recent wedding!

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Erin and Aaron as shot by Nikk Nguyen


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