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Luxury Pocket Folders....

The sky is literally the limit with endless color possibilities! I love these pocket folders because they are the perfect way to dress up your invitation. I can custom fabricate these for your wedding day in matte and shimmer. They are available in a myriad of colors from navy, grape, sage, gold, silver etc. Creativity is totally yours as you can choose a thousand ways to clasp the folders... try vintage ribbon, a belly band, vintage findings and more. Just google the words "hand dyed silk ribbon" and see the stunning possibilities! I routinely frequent flea markets, Michael's and Hobby Lobby to look for anything to tie my invitations together. I love tassels, wine charms and anything Swarovski. Another great term to search for on Etsy is "vintage brass findings or stampings". They are so inexpensive and look chic. One example is below in the ring holder. How creative can you get?


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