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Paper Moons - Perfect for that stellar, vintage wedding!

Shoot for the stars… if you miss, you’ll end up on the moon-- so wrote Artie Shaw. Paper moon photo booths started around the turn of the century and remained popular through the 1930s.  They popped up at state fairs, carnivals, seaside resorts and any other place that people went to have a good time.  Paper moon photo booths offered party-goers the opportunity to smile at the camera and take home a souvenir photo of their dazzling day or stellar evening. The backdrops featured a luminous giant smiling moon, but other fantasy themes appeared as well… hot air balloons (one of my favorites), snow scenes, boat scenes... to name just a few. By the 1930’s people took their own cameras on outings and well, they were gone…. until now! 

It gives me great pleasure in knowing that the Paper Moon Shoppe is in full swing and able to bring to your wedding, a bonafide vintage-style paper moon. And not just one paper moon. Shop owners Victoria and Chris have designed and built the world's largest collection of paper moon backdrops and at least a dozen other specialty backdrops including an Art Deco trolley, Chrysler Building eagle, and that famous George Melies silent movie Moon and Rocket. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria and Chris on several weddings and they have custom-built giant photo backdrops to suit each theme. They constructed a large-scale Victorian clock used in a moody Gothic-inspired wedding shoot. The giant timepiece featured a moon, stars and clouds as well as a dial with adjustable arms.  In addition, they created a gold geometric moon for one of our Art Deco shoots. And just last month, they designed an Autumn-themed auburn and burgundy tree backdrop based on the graphics from one of my wedding invitations for the Wilshire Ebell Theater. 

Paper Moon Shoppe has several package options for you to choose from. They meticulously transform your space into a spectacular celestial showpiece! They off a fast printing station, unlimited souvenir prints, online albums and vintage props. They even offer old-fashioned souvenir flipbooks that you can order for your guests. Lastly, if you order a wedding invitation suite from Gilded Swan Paperie and then book a paper moon booth, Victoria and Chris will give you a $50 discount on your order.  Go vintage glam with Paper Moon Shoppe! You will honestly never encounter such a unique way to memorialize your event!

Sitting on the moon with the Paper Moon Shoppe


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