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Love is Not Canceled... All About Change the Dates Cards

Rescheduling your wedding plans is a monumental task. We are all learning to be more flexible than we ever thought we could be. Now is the time to channel your inner Grace Kelly- plunge forward and do it with style, elegance, and well, grace!


The most important task at hand is to let your guests know that your plans have changed. Even if you do not have your new date secure yet, it's best to alert those closest to you involved in your planning by telephone. Next, you should think about emailing and texting your guests to let them know a change is afoot. You don't necessarily have to have your new date set yet. Just letting your guests know that the original date is not happening is essential. You should also update your website at this time. I have a few social media graphics here for you to download and use at your leisure.


Once you have secured your new date, you can send a physical card that your guests can save to mark their calendars. This can also remind them to check your website for updates. Your Change the Date card can match your wedding invitations or even be a bit different-- something fun and engaging that tells your guests your event is still on, and you will all be making the most of it. The Change the Date card can be as simple as a self-mailable postcard or a more formal card that requires an envelope.


Booking travel arrangements can be time-consuming and expensive for out of town guests, so the sooner you send your Change the Date cards, the better.


All 50+ of Gilded Swan Paperie wedding invitations can be converted into a Change the Date card. Please check out a small sampling in the gallery below. Visit my ETSY SHOP to check out all of the designs you purchase straight away. Your proofs will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Printing takes two weeks.


If you have ordered wedding invitations from Gilded Swan Paperie, or are thinking of ordering full wedding suites, please note that I have secured very reduced re-printing costs. So if anything were to happen, we have your back! Re-printing is easy-- perhaps one of the easier tasks of planning your wedding.


Printing to me is so special- it's such a beautiful form of communication. We cannot let the current situation ruin our wedding plans. Love is not canceled. When you celebrate your Golden anniversary in 50 years, imagine pulling out your gorgeous invitations. The colors and tactile nature will remind you of that phenomenal day, no matter how postponed, rescheduled or revised it was.

Change the Date cards can be fun and colorful!


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