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A Delightfully Victorian Wedding

When I saw the wedding photos from Courtney and Eric's wedding at the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, my jaw dropped! They were shot by the phenomenal LeeAnn B Stephan. The ethereal shots are moody, dramatic and utterly filled with delightful details.

But a cemetery, you ask? Well apparently, they are becoming very popular. And why not? I have had a fascination with cemeteries since I was a little girl. I spent afternoons tending my Great Great Grandparent's graves with my Grandmother and then her grave with my Mother and so on. My high school was directly across the street from the cemetery and besides playing tag and making cemetery etchings, I got my first kiss there. Ooh-la-la! Our cemetery sits right on the banks of the Cuyahoga River, where one can frequently see bald eagles, foxes and deer throughout-- a place of beauty and peace. But I digress.

The Oakland Cemetery is known for it's historical Victorian vibe and history which easily translated to Courtney and Eric's wedding. The greenhouse served as a lovely backdrop for the reception and the meandering gardens and the 100 year-old mausoleum's make for quite a lovely stroll. Courtney chose my Le Boheme suite for her wedding stationery. Please check out some of the gorgeous photos below. And by all means, if you are getting married and should need an East Coast-based Photographer with a unique eye for details, angles and composition, please contact Leeann B Stephan.

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Courtney & Eric at the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta


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